Learn Online

With online learning and assessment you can enjoy the benefits of competancy based learning at your own pace
Distance learning offers more choice and more control over what, how, when and where you learn. We achieve this by using the same quality course materials to present information that we use in our ‘Core of Knowledge’ face-to-face courses.

You can schedule your learning to meet your personal circumstances, without distraction, fitting it in around existing work and domestic commitments.
Online learning also allows you to work at your own pace as you have plenty of time to complete each unit of learning and can repeat sections where you are unsure.

Online learning removes barriers to further education and provides you with the training materials and additional resources that you need, at a realistic cost unachievable with face-to-face learning.


online learning with OLTThe courses consist of multiple units of learning: each with a downloadable workbook, transcript and a HD video presentation with narration which you can pause, stop or play-back multiple times. Following each presentation is a multiple-choice question assessment that you must pass before you are able to move to the next unit.
Using this method, you are assured of understanding the topics presented. Additional learning resources and references are also provided as required.