Legislation & Standards

Each jurisdiction has its own requirements in respect of compliance with standards and regulations and the latest national standards and local regulatory requirements are considered within each national Online Laser Training learning module.

Legislation for Laser safety

In Australia, the use of lasers and intense light devices is regulated in several jurisdictions (namely, Queensland, Western Australia and Tasmania). In these jurisdictions, a user license is normally required and compliance with published Australian and New Zealand Standards is specified. (e.g. for lasers, ASNZS 4173:2018 Safe use of lasers and intense light sources in health care standard (section 2.1.3) as well as the practices set out in AS/NZS IEC 60825.1 and 60825.14.)

Auckland Council Minimum Standard 7 requires evidence of minimum training by operators; provision of comprehensive advice and obtaining of written, informed consent from the patient; skin patch tests; detailed record keeping including patient and equipment service and calibration records; establishing of a safe controlled area; safety rules; protective eyewear stipulations; hygiene and infection control procedures.

Many insurance companies specify the basic training requirements for therapists and healthcare professionals intending to work with lasers and IPLs before offering cover and Online Laser Training has worked with numerous recognised insurance providers to produce compliant courses.