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Scott Inkvisible

Dawn and I both completed your online course and thought they were first class. Really liked they way they were laid out and structured, as well as the fact they were hugely educational…which I suppose is the whole point of them!

- Scott Inkvisible

The Online Laser Training ‘Core of Knowledge’ Laser User course is a very good training course and I’m so pleased to have the RACGP Accreditation. My previous laser user safety course was also brilliant, but not as specific to the aesthetic industry.

Natalie Godefroy

I found the course very straight forward and easy to navigate. The information is well laid out and interesting. Every module creates an inner confidence and I was so pleased to have achieved my certificate. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to gain this qualification. I have also put 2 members of staff on the course.

Natalie Godefroy

It was the very first time that I did a course online and was rather daunted by the process. I did not need to worry... the whole process was explained very clearly and was easy to follow from beginning to end. I would not hesitate to recommend Online Training Ltd...

- Monique
Lisa Matthews

An initiative course which is one of the best courses I have come across in years and makes me confident that my clients have the necessary background when providing laser treatments. After passing the course, clients have come back and told me how much they enjoyed it and to quote one gentleman “I found the course very interesting, I have already surprised / bored, people with my new found technical knowledge”. It’s also brilliant that the course is online as it makes it accessible to all, delegates can fit learning around their busy lives.

- Lisa Matthews - London Market Underwriting
Alison Livings

I am pleased to confirm that Holistic Insurance Services accepts the online Core of Knowledge training that you provide. We will not hesitate to point those seeking insurance cover for laser treatments to you when they do not already have this valuable training.

- Alison Livings (Director, Holistic Insurance Services)

We are pleased to recommend this course to our UK laser customers.

- John (laser supplier)
Tina Viney

APAN is actively involved in the development of educational qualifications and has reviewed and endorsed these courses. I am pleased to endorse these courses

- Tina Viney (APAN CEO)